YMCA Bridge Project Breakfast 2017

Friday 11 August

7am – 9am

Melbourne Myer Mural Hall

More than just a breakfast

On 11 August, join businesses and organisational change-makers committed to stopping the cycle of crime. Since 2006, YMCA Bridge Project has been connecting young offenders with employers who can give them a second chance.

What is the value of a job?

It’s a proud phone call to Mum or Dad. An alarm going off each morning for a reason. A future without crime. And on the other side of the story is the employer who saw a young person who wanted an opportunity to get their life back on track.

Learn about Michael* and Stan’s story and discover how Bridge Project has changed their outlook and future. Michael’s future suddenly changed by a split decision based on vulnerability and need. Stan, on the other hand understands that a split decision should not affect a young offenders future. Watch their journey.

*Name changed

Number of young people connected to jobs through Bridge


Number of jobs needed this year


Funds raised at 2016 Bridge event


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The Breakfast

By attending Bridge Breakfast on 11 August you will learn that a second chance is all the difference a young offender needs. A young person’s life can be transformed if you take a chance and give them a job. This change, starts with you.

The incredible Alicia Loxley from Nine News will emcee this year’s event, a cause she strongly believes in.

On 11 August we ask you to come prepared. Bridge Project would not be possible without all those who have offered employment in the past, as well of those who have donated to the cause. Whether you offer a job, buy a raffle ticket, or make a donation, your contribution directly helps young people in need.

Join us, join the change-makers, join your community – secure your tickets at an early bird price. Valid for four weeks only.

The YMCA Bridge Project

Bridge Project has been providing support, training, and employment opportunities, to young people that have been through the judicial system. Currently the re-offending rate of young people who leave custody in Victoria is over 50%. However, for young people who take part in the Bridge Project, this rate drops to just 3%. This reduction has the potential to save the Victorian Government $2.5 million per year.
Our annual breakfast is an opportunity to look beyond sensationalist newspaper headlines and instead focus on real solutions that create safer and more inclusive communities.

Last year at the YMCA Bridge Project 10th Anniversary Dinner we raised $174,936 and 32 young people were given a second chance through employment opportunities.

It’s a huge achievement but no number can explain the true value of getting a job. Help us make a difference.

Fill a table, bring your friends, or your colleagues, and witness on 11 August how you can transform a young person’s life. Buy tickets here.


Contact us

For media enquiries please contact:

Shannon McKeogh or call 0412 612 039

For general inquiries please contact:

Zoe Robbins or call 0431 299 404